Is there a dress code?
Your child should be dressed comfortably and appropriately for the day’s weather.  Bear in mind, there will likely be some running, jumping, and twirling in your child’s day.  We also go outside to play throughout the day.  They should be dressed in clothing that they are able to remove and redress on their own when using the restroom.  Open-toed footwear is not allowed and tennis shoes or sneakers are strongly recommended.  Stubbed toes and splinters from mulch are no fun for anyone. 

  What kind of training does your staff have?
Every staff member is individually trained by a member of our senior staff or center Director.  Kids by the Hourcontinually provides in-house training and guidance to its entire staff.  Additionally, every staff member is required to complete 40 hours of training with the Florida Department of Children and Families.  They are each trained in First Aid and CPR certified.

  Are background checks conducted on all staff members?
Absolutely!  A Sheriff Criminal Background Check is conducted of every staff member and references are checked on every employee.

  Are there fire drills in place?
Monthly fire drills are conducted and evacuation routes are clearly posted.

  What security measures are in place?
Your child’s safety and well-being is our top concern. 

  • Kids by the Hour is equipped with security cameras for the use of our staff and owners. 
  • Our doors are locked at all times.  Any person wishing to enter must be let in by the front desk manager. 
  • Children are closely monitored and any person picking up a child (who is not recognized as the child’s custodian) must be on the authorized pick-up list on the child’s enrollment form and provide valid ID.

  How often is the facility cleaned and toys disinfected?
The facility is thoroughly cleaned daily and items are disinfected throughout the day.
  Can my child bring food from home?
We ask that you do NOT bring food from home.  We will serve your child a meal at meal times and a snack at snack times as required by law.  In the case of allergies or other concerns, please discuss the matter with your center’s Director.
What happens if I am late picking up my child?
For children dropped off hourly, late fees are incurred if the child remains in our care past our closing time (not past the estimated pick-up time).  Please refer to the Kids by the Hour Parent Handbook for our late fee schedule and further details.
For weekly passes, the parent will be billed hourly beginning at 6:30pm, when the weekly pass is no longer valid.  Dinner will be served to the child and billed at pick-up.  The parent may choose to pay the hourly rate or purchase an hourly package at pick-up.

*If a child remains in our care 30 minutes after closing and the parents and/or emergency contacts cannot be reached, the proper authorities will be contacted.

What if my child is medicated?
A written authorization signed by a parent or guardian must accompany any type of medication, sunscreen, or bug spray.  All medication must be in the original container, indicating the child’s name, type and date of prescribed medication, as well as the amount and time of dosage. Again, a signed Authorization for Medication form must be on file and any medication will only be given in accordance to label instructions and applicable laws.  Medication cannot be administered in food or drink or referred to as “candy”.

Do purchased hours expire?

Can I get a refund for unused hours?
Kids by the Hour has a strict “No Refund” policy.

Is the registration and supply fee per child or per family?
The Registration and supply fee is per Child.

I have a friend who would like to register their child; do I get anything for referring them?
Yes!  If your friend lets us know you sent them our way, you will receive 20% off your next Kids by the Hour purchase!

Is the referral discount per child or per family?
You will receive one discount of 20% off per family referred that enrolls one or more children.

What is the supply fee used for?
The supply fee is used to purchase and maintain a great stock of art supplies, books, and toys used by your children. 

When is the annual supply fee due?
The annual supply fee is due every February.

 Can an hourly package be shared between siblings or friends?
Yes!  One of the great things about hourly packages is that they can be shared by siblings.   

 What payment methods are accepted?
We accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

  Do you have military/student discounts?
If you or your spouse is in the military, please visit to find out how you may qualify for child care with us for little or no out-of-pocket expense.

We do not offer student discounts at this time.   

  How and when are we billed?
All fees are due at time services are rendered. 
If you choose to use hourly packages, you may purchase them at any time.  Once you run out, you will be required to purchase another package or pay the remaining balance at the hourly rate.  You will also be billed at pick up for any meals and snacks that were served. 
If you choose to purchase weekly passes, they are due by 6pm the Monday of the weekly pass.  Meals are included during valid hours with weekly passes.

 Can I use my (packaged) hours to pay for meals?
Hourly packages can only be used to pay for the hours your child(ren) are in our care.  Meals cannot be deducted from hourly packages and are billed at time of pick-up.

 Can I buy meals in packages?
You may pay for meals at each pick-up or you can purchase any amount you would like at a time.  For example, you can tell the front desk manager that you would like to purchase $10 worth of meals.  That amount will remain on your file and meals will be deducted from that amount until it is at zero or you add more money.

  Is the daily routine flexible?
We do appreciate the importance of keeping to a schedule and do our best to adhere to ours, but some flexibility is necessary.  For example, on a day with fewer children, we may get through lunch a lot sooner and begin nap/quiet time a little earlier.  Or on a rainy day, we may not be able to go outside.  Often, the schedule is followed within a few minutes.

 Do you put the TV on or play movies for the children?
Friday and Saturday nights are  “Movie Night” at Kids by the Hour and,we get fun movies for them to watch and we serve popcorn and juice at 8pm.

  How are the children organized?
Children are separated by age, according to the teacher/student ratios as required by law.  Generally, one-year-olds are kept together and two and three-year-olds (and older) are kept together.  These may change depending on how many of each age are in our care at any given time.  We do look to place the child wherever he/she is most comfortable.  For example, a child who just turned two may prefer to remain in the one's room a little longer, before playing with the older children.