Did you know there are programs that actually help members of the armed forces pay for child care? 


Who can help me pay for child care?
Child care aware of America works with the Department of Defense to offer several programs to help members of the military ranging from activated or deployed service members to those on a waitlist for on-base child care.  They also offer a Respite Care program and assistance with child care for severely injured service members.

How do I apply?
You can apply online at 

How does it work once enrolled?
Please visit the "Military" section on our FAQs page for answers to frequently asked questions about the Childcare aware credit at Kids by the Hour.

Where do I learn more?
Visit https://www.childcareaware.org/ and  click on "Families" on the top, then select your applicable branch.  You may also call Child Care Aware at 1-800-424-2246.